Basketball interview with Scott Bundy

September 30, 2016

Scott Bundy (11) plays on the Varsity Boys’ Basketball team this year. I sat down and asked him a few questions pertaining to his life and basketball. Sitting in the D Wing, I first asked him when he began playing basketball. “I started playing basketball in seventh grade at Somerset.” About what inspired him to play basketball, Bundy said, “Mainly it was from my dad playing basketball when he was younger, so I grew up watching it.” The things we have a passion for an impact and change our lives. Bundy talks about basketball and that “…it taught me how to work and to be a better person. Yeah, before I started playing basketball I was really different and basketball has become a big part of my life.” Finally, to see where his loyalties lie, I asked him what his predictions were about what two teams were going to be in the NBA finals. He thought for second and said, “The Warriors and I am hoping the Celtics because they picked up Kyrie Irving.” All in all, the interview went very well and despite the lunchtime chaos during the interview, Scott, as seen in the photo, remained cool under pressure. Look forward to Scott dominate the court, along with the rest of his teammates this season!


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